Wifey and I are in Colorado for the Thorne Institute annual fundraiser.  We will be rubbing elbows with some VIPs and some schmucks.  I am comfortable around both and look forward to the diverse group of benefactors.

That’s the business end of this trip which is about 4 hours out of this week long visit.  The rest is shorts and tee shirt stuff. We drove to Cheyenne, Wyoming and overdosed on shopping at the Sierra Trading post, buying mostly twice returned athletic and dress shoes. There was a nice looking thong in the twice returned miscellaneous bin, but the size was not right.  I was going to offer that item as a prize for a contest I’m thinking about running on this site. Maybe next year.

Ft. Collins Co.

On the return trip to Boulder, we stopped for lunch in the League Of American Bicyclist gold star city of Ft. Collins.  Bikes were everywhere and the bike infrastructure and driver awareness of those walking an riding was refreshing.

Tonight is the gala, Tomorrow is the Polish Ambasador/Saqi concert followed by an after concert backstage brownie tasting party. Sunday is set aside for emergency room detox if it’s needed.



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