Rides This Weekend

This Sunday’s Ride – NBX #131- The “Bridge Ride” – 10:00 AM Start – FYI Clock Change

NBW #131 “Bridge”l Ride – 10:00 AM Start

FYI – Clocks change Saturday Night – The start is still 10:00 AM


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This Sunday’s Ride

NBW #131 The ‘Bridge’ Ride

Harrisville – Uxbridge – Douglas

Sutton – Whitinsville – Northbridge

16, 28 & 44 mile routes

Name for the towns along the route — not for any bridges crossed — this ride explores the NW corner or RI and the small towns of Sutton and Uxbridge, MA. The 50 mile rides goes down Purgatory Chasm (watch for wet leaves on descent) into Northbridge. Ride through woods and farmland, with some great views (on a clear day see Mt Wachusetts)

How often do you see directions to Purgatory?

With the changing of the clocks, sunset comes earlier to Whitinsville


Sunday’s Map

click to print


Luke Brissette

Our arrower reports that arrows are yellow. The high school has a one way traffic pattern, and we leave via the rear exit, turing left onto Whipple Ave. Lets try to next start the ride properly. The GPS address of the start is the Burrillville High School, 425 East Ave, Harrisville, RI

Notes from arrower: Watch out for wet leaves, both riding on them, and their covering of arrows. Don’t cross the yellow lines.

GPS Files:

16 mile ride with 1000 feet of climbing

28 mile ride with 1800 feet of climbing

44 mile ride with 2500 feet of climbing

Next Sunday’s Ride

NBW #168 – Don & Raul’s Fall River Ride

10:00 AM Start – from Seekonk

(the map is being worked on)

Weekly rides of note:

Saturday’s – Saturday Cafe Ride

East Bay Bike Path – 9:00 AM starter – Contact John Nery for details

Varies – Casually Employed Mid Week Series

Varies – Contact Jan Harbutiak for details

William Thomas Damron Memorial Ride

Providence to New Orleans

October 22nd to November 14th

Organized Bladi Rodriquiz & Jay Freitas

NBX Gran Prix of Cyclocross

December 6th and 7th

Goddard Park, Warwick, RI

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