This Weekend’s Rides.

This Sunday’s Ride – 2014/11/09 – NBW #168 Don & Raul’s Fall River Ride

This Sunday’s Ride

NBW #168 Don & Raul’s Fall River Ride

Seekonk – Rehobeth – Dighton – Berkley – Assonet – Freetown

Fall River – Somerset – Swansea

21, 33 & 52 mile routes

This mostly flat ride meanders through Seekonk, Rehobeth,& Dighton before crossing the Taunton River at the perpetually, decrepit Berkley Bridge (please use the sidewalk) over the Taunton River. It then heads South to the Fall River Industrial Park (new site of Amazon’s Massachusetts’s Distribution Center), where it then plummets down Wilson Rd to North Main St (caution on this descent is needed). A dedicated bike path (see the inset on the map) takes us back across the Taunton River into Somerset on the new Veteran’s Memorial Bridge, and then we meander back to the start.

Congratulations to Don Chiavaroli & Raul Silva (both of the touring board) for their new ride

A new starting place for the NBW – The George Martin Elementary School in Seekonkberkley bridge

Our first bridge crossing – used on many NBW rides

Our second bridge crossing – this is our first NBW ride using the bridge

The Rise Cafe (one of Don & Raul’s favorites)

one block off route on the long ride

on County between Read & Buffington

look for coffee cup on map, at about 33 miles

Sunday’s Map

click to print


Don Chiavaroli (AKA Fossil)

Our arrower reports that arrows are white. The first turn is a right out of the parking lot onto Cole Street. The GPS address of the start is the George Martin Elementary School, 445 Cole St, Seekonk, RI

Notes from arrower: Use caution and the sidewalk when crossing the Berkley Bridge over the Taunton River at about mile 15.  There are two bad railroad track crossings. The first is about mile 21 on High Street (long route) and the second at about mile 23 on Copicut Rd (long route). Lastly there is a plummeting downhill on Wilson St at mile 29, exercise caution with the Left Hand turn there.

FYI – the Bike Path approach to the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge is not obvious the first time. Just follow the arrows and relax.

GPS Files:

21 mile ride with 600 feet of climbing

33 mile ride with 1000 feet of climbing

52 mile ride with 1900 feet of climbing

Next Sunday’s Ride

NBW #64 – Newport Tour

10:00 AM Start

(the map is being worked on)

Weekly rides of note:

Weekday Blinky Ride – leaves 5:30 pm

Alternates between East Bay and Blackstone Bikepath’s

A proud NBW winter tradition, going back many, many years

contact Rod Breault for more details

Saturday’s – Saturday Cafe Ride

East Bay Bike Path – 9:00 AM starter – Contact John Nery for details

Varies – Casually Employed Mid Week Series

Varies – Contact Jan Harbutiak for details

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