Biking Provincetown MA and the National Seashore Part II

National Seashore in Provincetown Ma in December
National Seashore in Provincetown Ma in December

Lots more photos HERE

See part I video HERE

After ride coffee shop video is HERE

What made me go to Provincetown in December? Let me explain.

A few weeks ago, wifey and I attended a fundraiser for the Humane Society.  It’s one of her favorite charities and during the event and after a couple of martinis she got the idea to bid up items in a silent auction to get other people to bid higher and raise more money for the society.  She left the event smug hoping her idea paid dividends.  I got a message on our answering machine a few days later, congratulating her on winning the following.

  • 10 lbs of cod fish
  • 10 lbs of scallops
  • A $250 certificate for a catering service
  • An immersion blender
  • A Swedish massage
  • A Dutch Oven
  • A condo for a week in Provincetown, Ma.

The message also said that grand total was one thousand two hundred and forty three dollars. We attended another fund raiser a week later and we both agreed that she not even look at the silent auction items.

We have been eating lots of cod, we are sending 1/2 the scallops to #1 son in Boulder costing $75.00 for overnight shipping, and we are taking the other 5lbs to #2 son’s home in Atlanta for Christmas. The Dutch Oven and immersion blender get good use because I cook a lot. She will get a massage soon and we may re-gift the catering service back to the humane society for them to use at their next  fundraiser.

I couldn’t spend the whole week in P-Town so wifey invited friends to stay the first three days.  Monday and Tuesday saw torrential rains followed by temperatures just above freezing and gale force winds.  Wednesday was just OK.  I drove to Outer Cape Cod on Thursday and the mild temperatures got me on my bike within an hour of arriving.  The following video is a log of part of my bike ride and our walk on the beach Friday.  The rains returned on Saturday and we decided to bail on the remaining two days and drive the 90 minutes home.

She hated almost everything about the week and I really enjoyed my two days there.  Biking can do that.  I want to bid on this item again next year.  The available weeks are limited and if I can get a week in April, I’m going to go for it and make it a biking week for me and a couple of biking friends.

One thought on “Biking Provincetown MA and the National Seashore Part II

  1. OMG John! I just told Heather this story…Hilarious!

    So how much did Susan end getting all that for?!

    Hey, if you get the April one next time, I’m in for that bike trip!


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