bike summit guest speaker
Nicole Freedman. Guest speaker

Cover Photo:  Winners of the SouthCoast bike challenge being recognized.

That’s an acronym of a Bruce Willis quote from Die Hard.  It’s said in celebration of the cleansing of the Northeast for us bike riders.  Not only has the snow been cleared but the torrential downpours have cleared much of the debris off the roadways.

Last night was the annual SouthCoast bike summit. We has some wonderful guest speakers including a challenge from MassBike director RICHARD FRIESwho generously offered Marshmallow Fluff and Neco Wafferes to the area that rides the most miles during the challenge.  It does make our buffet from last night seem like a gluttonous dinner of Henry VIII, but really what more incentive do we need to ride till we drop? Richard also gave some valuable techniques on ways to make everywhere better and safer for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Nichole Freedman gave and inspiring talk about biking in Boston and how her work can be copied by anyone to advance the bicycling infrastructure. Nichole will be leaving us and we will certainly miss her enthusiasm and hard work and wish her well in the cycling nirvana city of Seattle.

When I started my bike blog way back in 2003, I was like Tom Cruise on the planet from the movie, Oblivion.  There seemed to be no one around and very few places to go to find other people who liked to rider their bikes.  It was originally a personal online record of my daily bike to work commutes.  It soon expanded into a bike touring and travel blog.  Then Facebook happened and the dam burst. Now we can be overwhelmed with bike pages linking to bike blogs, linking to bike travel journals and on and on.

With that in mind, here are this weeks local rides in the Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island area.  Also links to many of the local bike clubs that do events locally and organizations nationally that offer some really great rides are listed by type across the top of this page.  Bike Tours, Organized Rides, Local Rides and Rail Trails.  Check them out.  There are plenty of resources to get you to expand your riding off the local paths around your house.  It’s a great big bicycle friendly world waiting for you to enjoy.

Saturday March 28. The Cafe Tour:  Ride the East Bay Bike Path from East Providence, a light breakfast in Bristol R.I. then ride back. Meet at Fort Hill for the 9AM start.

Sunday: March 29.  The Narragansett Bay Wheelmen’s Sunday ride Land-O-Lakes tour, with 15/25/40 mile options. The ride starts in Lakeville, MA … GPS files available. As always there are arrows painted on the roads giving easy turn by turn directions.

There are some great rides by local town groups that will be posted here as they approach.

Fairhaven Bike organizes Saturday local rides occasionally.

New Bedford Bike Committee. Does a monthly Wednesday night ride that is posted on their Facebook

Fall River Bike Committee is the most active group.  Leader Brian Pearson has the biking bug and loves to lead rides in the Fall River and Tiverton R.I. area.

Bike Newport is another very active group that organizes both weekday and weekend ride. They are also on Facebook

Again all the rides will be posted on this page or if you prefer on Facebook

One thought on “YKAMF

  1. John,
    Contact me so I can give you some info on Randall Zusman, MD.
    Plus, I’d like to do the Marathon Ride this year.


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