Boston Bike Video

Cover Photo:  Waiting for the start of the NYC Five Boroughs Tour on Avenue of the Americas.

It’s been a couple of months but finally today I’ll be back on my bike. Riding to the gym first then who knows where after that.  It’s time to begin the daily fitness rides also.  Working my way up to 30 miles a day.  Maybe it will happen on the first day. Tomorrow will tell.

Riding to yoga class.
Riding to yoga class.

A decent but long winded explanation of the laws concerning bikes in Boston.  I am curious to hear how far into the video you got before letting out that big sigh I know will come, and hitting the stop icon. I paused and moved on to other things twice before finally getting to the end.

3 thoughts on “Boston Bike Video

  1. Dare I say it out loud – I sighed before even hitting the play button… I teach bike safety and couldn’t face it once I saw the title. I just can’t figure out why the safety videos are all so dang boring! There seem to be engaging videos about every other possible topic.


  2. bad music to start off with, and then some serious looking bicyclist cops – sigh! got distracted a couple minutes in by that woman walking her furry little black dog while wearing matching furry black boots. Interesting to see it’s in the law that motorists can’t pass bicyclists and then turn right in front of them. I don’t think we have that codified here in Washington State.



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