Blackstone River Bikeway

Lincoln/Cumberland line in R.I.
Lincoln/Cumberland line in R.I.

A Rail to Trail conversion from Lincoln to Woonsocket R.I.   Six of us met up to ride this most awesome bikeway on a warm Friday morning.

The path follows the Blackstone River wherever possible, including on the tow paths of the historic Blackstone Canal. This highly scenic bikeway crosses the river many times, offering views of waterfalls, marshes and wildlife. Many old mills line the river too, evidence of the impact of the Industrial Revolution that earned the Blackstone the title of the “hardest-working river in America.”

Besides connecting 14 cities and towns in the Blackstone Heritage Corridor, the Greenway also links with the Blackstone River and the historic Blackstone Canal to form the Riverway, a corridor within the Corridor that will ultimately offer unique opportunities for residents and visitors alike to experience history, enjoy nature and engage in a variety of recreational activities. The Blackstone River Greenway will also connect to the already completed East Bay Bike Path, allowing users to continue to Bristol (and ultimately) Newport, RI.

Click the Vimeo link at the bottom left of the video for better quality.

Blackstone Bikeway May 2015 from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

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