Summer Bike Tour Completed

The Great Allegheny Passage
The Great Allegheny Passage

We planned on riding from Pittsburgh to DC but the second half of the trail was a mess.  People we met who were riding in the opposite direction were all telling us how bad and muddy the trail had

Close up of a diamond back rattler
Close up of a diamond back rattler

become from three days of rain.   Brandon and I decided to call it quits in Cumberland, MD.  drive back to Massachusetts and spend a couple of days riding around Cape Cod and the Vinyard.

We are home and heading off to the Cape tomorrow, Monday for a couple of days riding.

As always, the tour is written up on  the crazyguyonabike site.   CLICK HERE to read all about it.

All the photos are HERE

2 thoughts on “Summer Bike Tour Completed

  1. New rss reader makes leaving comments a hassle, but sorry about your trip. Seems like you all coped the best you could. Now you’re home watching Copa America and Women’s World Cup, I’m sure.


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