The Miles Add Up Very Fast. (3307 Miles On The Bike)

I do group rides once or twice a week.  They range from 25-40 miles and they are OK.  Every day, including those weekend rides, I am on my bike pretty much all day.  To the market, to the park, into the city, evening rides to the coffee shop.   It’s very seldom less than 25 miles a day and those miles add up very quickly.  Much quicker than I though.

Every once in  a while I take my speed-o-meter mileage off my “commuter bike” and add them to my log.  I don’t do this daily so my miles on one day may read a hundred miles or more.  This is an accumulation of many days.  I reset the gadget to zero, ride a few days and repeat.  On the club rides, I’ll use my Garmin, which automatically posts that ride’s miles.  Today I looked at the total and was shocked to see the number 3307.  Three thousand three hundred and seven miles.   That seems like a lot until I look at the miles on my car.   In June, I had the oil changed and the miles are prominently displayed on the little sticker on the wind shield.  A look at my odometer tells me that I have driven my car 183 miles since June 17th.   Ironically, almost all of those miles are riding to the start of a group bike ride.  Go figure.

2 thoughts on “The Miles Add Up Very Fast. (3307 Miles On The Bike)

  1. It’s great to keep some statistics like this.
    For my year-long experiment, I’ve been collecting my ride statistics using my CatEye speedo (occasionally I use Strava for some of the longer trips) and then recording them in a spreadsheet on my computer. I’m amazed at how they’ve added up to around 3500kms for eleven months. This is just everyday riding to get from ‘a’ to ‘b’. It’s a good feeling!


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