Tiny church in the Italian Alps. Non denominal
Tiny church in the Italian Alps

We are winding down our European vacation with a day at The Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Our trip began with the wedding of a young couple who spend a few months with us while they made seaworthy a derelict 29 foot sail boat they purchased. As destinations weddings tend to go, this was a week long affair in the Italian Alps.  What made this so wonderful is that it is not a destination for Americans and we were able to immerse ourselves into the Italian culture.

Some on the Italian side spoke a little English but the American’s Italian was even more limited. By the end of the week however, both sides, were able to communicate with a mix of spoken and sign languages just fine.

Cialvrina Village made everyone feel welcome and made the week truly special for the over 100 wedding guests.  We took over the whole hotel and the staff soon became not only our host but part of the wedding. For instance, on our last night at the bar, the bartenders were mingling onto the dance floor and partying like it was 1999 with us. Fortunately for us Yanks, the dress was casual because trying to out dress the Italians was futile.

A random photo of one of the Italian guests
A random photo of one of the Italian guests

We had a very busy time in Italy including a hike to the glacier in the Italian Alps. A bike tour of Milan, and a train ride from Milan to St Moritz  through the Swiss Alps

Our accommodations in the Alps
Our accommodations in the Alps

Sue and I are ending our trip in Iceland by driving the Golden Circle and visiting the Blue Lagoon.  I spent the last afternoon in Reykjavik taking random photos of people on bikes. It’s very hip to ride in work clothes using the streets that are only open to pedestrians and bikes.

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