Back On The Road And Feeling Good

Source: Garmin Connect for today’s route.

I don’t really care about my average speed, but it is a good indication of improving fitness.  Today was the last warm day for a while and I decided to get one more comfortable long ride under my belt.  Tomorrow is movie day, so I doubt if I will get much of a ride in.  Could happen, but probably not. I didn’t stop much on this 27 mile ride.  I lost two miles on my Garmin trying to figure out again how this Touring one works.

I lost my Edge 200 which is nothing more than an expensive speed o meter.  I do like it for long rides though.  The Touring Garmin I own was used when I downloaded a gps route with turn by turn directions.   The Edge will show up.  I’m guessing when I clean the work bench in my bike shop which was nothing more than a junk draw all summer.

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Abandoned Trail
Abandoned Hiking Trail
Clydesdales 2
Old House Foundation in the middle of the forest
Old House Foundation in the middle of the woods.
The Bogs Hiking trail in Mattapoisett, Ma
The Bogs Hiking Trail in Matapoisett, Ma

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