Riding My Bike With My Camera

My commute to the Salvation Army building is kind of in between the busy times.  The early commuters are at work and the Post 9 AM workers are just getting on the roads. The exception is those who work on the waterfront.  At 8 AM they are already two or three hours into their day.  More so the lobster boat. Many are returning from their traps that they have been working since 3 or 4 AM.

There is also very little bike traffic around this normally bustling bike area.  Lots of the regulars on the MUP have hung up their bikes and are either getting ready to go to or have gone to Florida. That’s something I would never think of doing because we like to travel.  Buying or long term renting in any place just seems too blase for me.  At my age I know tons of people who spend the winter in Florida and when we talk about what they do and where they go, I find that none of it interests me.

I would much rather visit different places every year, weather it be in or

The villages
The Villages, Ocala, Florida

out of North America.  I prefer the Andes, the Rockies or the Alps over the
“Villages” any day.

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