It’s All In The Timing.

Approaching Frieghter

I wanted to ride today but had no idea where to go.  As I passed Cumberland Farms I decided to get a coffee and ride to Fort Phoenix to relax, have a cup and make a couple of family phone calls.

There is a hurricane barrier at Fort Phoenix that allows people to walk or bike to the middle of the harbor.  There, sits a gate that closes to protect the New Bedford harbor from tidal surges during hurricanes and other major storms.

Bike and walk to the middle of New Bedford, Ma harbor

I was about to leave when I noticed lots of police boats outside the gates.  Soon enough on the horizon, a big freighter appeared.   It took quite a while for her to make her way to the gate, but eventually she did and I was there with my twice dropped pretty expensive camera that is being held together with rubber bands.  What better way to end the career of my favorite camera than a large freighter 30 feet away.

The few of us who had made our way to the middle of the harbor to get a close look all agreed that our timing was impeccable.

Click any photo for slide show.

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