Solstice Ride


winter solstice

It was 52 degrees F when I decided to go for a night ride to bring in the Winter Solstice.  The longest night of the year and a celebration of the goddess Yule and the return of light. The Druids, the Pagans and the Christians have their celebrations of the Christmas season. For those of us who’s only religion is bike riding, the solstice is another reason to get out and ride.

It’s not very often that a book hooks me enough to make me procrastinate because I don’t want to stop reading.  “Lunar Discovery. Let The Space Race Begin”, kept me sitting at the outdoor area of my local McDonald’s for about an hour.  Sitting outside reading a book is not really that unusual. Doing that at 7 PM on December 22nd in New England is like, well, crazy, daddy O!

Tomorrow is my last day of work delivering the Salvation Army Bell Ringers.  A mid day flight to Atlanta on Wednesday to spend the holiday with family and work on my sun tan in the predicted 80 degree weather.


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