It’s Time For Bike Events Planning

New York City Five Boroughs Bike Tour

Start of the 2015 NYC 5 Boroughs tour

There are two really spectacular bike events that will be upon us lickity split.

Registration opens on January 12th for the NYC Five Boroughs Bike Tour and it sells out very quickly.   Riding the traffic free streets of Manhattan, Da Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and crossing five bridges make the $90 entrance fee well worth the cost.  If you like riding your bike and want to do one of the premier rides in the world, this is a definite bucket list item.  CLICK HERE for the web page.  We can create our own team which will give all of us a good start time.



The Boston Midnight Marathon Bike Ride.

To Southboro
All Aboard to Southboro

It’s an unorganized (sort of) ride.  Everyone is on their own, but there is a group that for $30, will transport your bike from South Station to Hopkinton.  Another $10 to get yourself there on the commuter train and wah laa, you ready to ride back to Boston beginning at midnight with a thousand like minded bike enthusiasts.

The streets are pretty empty at this time and if you are worried about drunk drivers and such, keep in mind that there is a police presence along the entire route as the workers set up barriers and prepare the course.  Follow them on Facebook HERE, to stay tuned.

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