Exactly The Same . Just Different

Can’t Stand Me

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My view riding to the gym.

I have a few bike blogging friends who have been riding in the snow for a couple of weeks. I  read their stories and shake my head thinking, I’m too old for that and really don’t feel like riding in snow.  I tell people that I might if it snowed, but didn’t really mean it. Well, it snowed last night.

I  went outside early to clear off the car and shovel the driveway.  Because I was up early, I also took the dogs for a walk on the MUP and thinking “I can ride in this.  So I did, and most of the time I was shaking my head.   What I realized about riding in the snow was that it was just another bike ride.  I can’t say it was fun, difficult, stoopit or groovy. It was just another day of feeling good on my bicycle.


So you ask. What’s with the title? ” Exactly The Same. Just Different.” It’s like this. Same path. Same bike. Same direction. Same fence. Different year.   Hover over the photos for the dates.

A few more sights of the Phoenix Bike Path in Fairhaven, Ma



8 thoughts on “Exactly The Same . Just Different

    1. Thanks for that. I do think however you missed the part of being the same only different. It was the photos of my bike against the fence in the snow on four different years.


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