Reminiscing. The Erie Canal Ride Day 3

Day 3: Medina to Fairport


Sunday July 15, 2012, 62 miles (100 km) – Total so far: 124 miles (200 km)

We arrived in Medina very late last night and had just enough time to set up camp before it got dark. The fire department directed us to a park at the far end of town that gave us a nice secluded campsite. The traffic on the road near our site was just enough to keep up awake most of the night. We all got some sleep, but not much.

We opted to ride the canal to Brockport today. It was hot, very humid, very dusty and very slow. The hardpack got soft over the dry summer which made for some soft spots on the trail. Many a time we were fighting to keep upright when the soft sand like dirt grabbed our tires. We also are going through gallons of water. Yesterday I drank close to 20 bottles of water and am making a good attempt to do the same amount today. Seems none of us eat much in this weather either which makes for a good amount of weight loss very quickly. Maybe I should make a video and buy some advertising time on TV. Who needs PX90 when you can do it much easier.

We know Brockport and decided to spend some time there to get some housework done. We showered, did our laundry and recharged all of our electronics. I had a problem getting my chargers to fit the electric outlets on the dock. The cover made the shape of my cords unable to connect. Enter Ray, our new friend from Hamilton, Canada. He offered to let me connect to his outlet onboard his boat. Riding on the canal towpath can get very monotonous. There is the canal on one side and farmland or trees on the other. No people, places or things for long stretches. The three of us may do a lot more riding on Bike rt. 5 which means more rolling hills, but it’s also a nicer and faster ride. CLICK HERE for the journal

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