Nature Is A Symphony

The East Bay Bike Path bridge in Warren
Bridge over the East Bay Bike Path in Warren, RI

Today’s assignment is Water. Take a photo of water and write about it.
What better way to do so than riding my bike along the East Bay in Providence, RI.

You can listen while your reading. It’s soothing.

LISTEN TO NATURE from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

It was a slow slog at the start of this ride on the East Bay in Providence, RI. A stiff headwind kept my speed down quite a bit. I struck up a conversation with a guy riding an old Trek 720 bike.  He did not tour yet, but has been giving it some serious though. I picked up on his German accent and we talked about the Bundesliga. He was a bit surprised at how much I knew about his football league.  It’s simple I told him.  I consider it the toughest and best league in the world.  I asked if he cut work to ride on such a nice day. He said he was on spring break.  I got a kick when he said he was a political science professor at Rhode Island College.  Lots to talk about this year for sure.

On the return leg of the ride, I needed to make up time to get to the airport.  A younger rider with lots of tattoos passed and commented on my pace.  I’m guessing he was impressed that an old fat guy could hammer.  He was fast and I made it a point not to fall behind much.  I found myself exceeding 20 MPH for most of the last three miles.  Until I hit the hill.  That dropped me into single digits.  When I crested the hill, I really expected him to be out of sight.   Thing is, the hill got him also.  We met in the lot at the end of the ride and talked about riding and his Tattoos.  I told him he looked like an Austin hipster.  He thanked me for the compliment.  Which it was.


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