There Is A Storm A Brew’n

The forecast ranges from three to eight inches of snow.  It’s very difficult to predict snowfall amounts for coastal communities because of the ocean effect.  Ten miles inland, the weather people are within millimeters of accumulation.  By the end of the week, there will probably be no evidence that it ever snowed. It will be back to bike riding weather in the 50s and 60s.

Sunday is one of my days to ride my bike into the city for Yoga. It’s part of the city’s wellness initiative and every few weeks the a new yogi does the sessions.  Sarah, who finished today practiced Forrest Yoga.  It was pretty demanding, and if I was doing that at home I would have moaned and grunted.  A lot.  However, I’m the only male in the class so I have to represent, if you know what I mean.  No complaining.

Today was also the New Bedford Half Marathon. It’s a well respected race among those planning to run the Boston Marathon in four week.  It’s run by the Friendly Sons of St Patrick, who took over the organizing when the New Bedford Track Club cold no longer sustain their commitment.


I left a bit early for yoga class to watch the early runners cross the finish line.  I was stopped by the police and told I could not go near the spectators because I had a pannier on my bike.  I did get to ride through the finish line, three hours and thirty minutes after the start of the 13 mile race, on my way back from yoga class. The race organizer gave me a shirt for being the first bike to cross the line.  Albeit the only bike to cross the line.

They were tearing down the event with runners still on the course
Crossing the finish of 13 mile route a 3 hr. 45 minutes


4 thoughts on “There Is A Storm A Brew’n

  1. Very interesting! I know really nothing about cycling (other than I can no longer do it because of my knees!) but I find your post very worthwhile and fun. I even learned what a “pannier” is! Thanks. 🙂


  2. When I checked the weather today I was very excited…it is supposed to snow for the next 5 days. Unfortunately, the predicted snowfall is less than an inch each day. What good is snow that doesn’t even cover the ground properly? 😉


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