Riding With Charlie

Wayland #99

Day 6 of the 30 days of biking challenge. I has to lollygag this morning waiting for the temperature to become somewhat reasonable for April.  I decided to try some new areas in the city, (New Bedford, MA) and things worked out pretty well.


Charlie trying to work out the technology on his flip phone.

I ran into Charlie, a fellow daily bike rider, downtown.  He was also riding north today and invited me along.  Charlie does a lot more riding in the city so he knows the “Secret Places“. It was a show-ish ride and we made quite a few stops that presented pretty good photo opportunities. 

Mark Anderson riding against the tide passed me as I approached my turn off on the Fairhaven MUP.  He is the organizer of the Tour de Creame bike ride next month.

On May 22, 2016, the Mattapoisett Land Trust and the Friends of the Mattapoisett Bike Path will bring you the Tour de Crème, a fundraising event combining the SouthCoast’s fabulous cycling with a selection of its best ice cream shops along the route. There are three different tours so cyclists of all abilities can participate. Tours of 13 miles, 25 miles and 48 miles are available. All offer stops at local creameries to fuel your ride.  All tours finish at the Munro preserve on the Mattapoisett Waterfront where you can join fellow riders and volunteers at a party with hot food, cold beverages, music and more!

Next Saturday April 16, is the Rails to Trails Conservancy national opening day for trails.  I will be leading a ride on the East Bay Bike Path in Rhode Island starting at the Fort Hill parking lot. The ride begins at 9 AM. Bring a helmet if you want, or don’t.  (I’m on the don’t team.)

SUNDAY!!! SUNDAY!!!  April 17th  is the first big one of this season.  The Boston Midnight Marathon Bike Ride.  It’s kind of a not organized ride?  The only organization is transporting your bike to the start of the ride from Boston’s South Station.  If you want to do this, NOW is the time to reserve a spot for your bike on a truck.

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