30 Days of Biking

cranberry bog 2
Cranberry bogs in Rochester Ma. Day 21 of 30 Days of Biking

Day 21 of 30 days of biking took me on a longer loop of 25 miles.  Ten days from now is the NYC five boroughs bike tour and I’m doing my best to get some serious miles in. I did stop a couple of times and took photos but today was a training ride.

One of my stops was to answer my cell phone when wifey called from the Dominican Republic. When we travel we use WhatsApp.  We were turned on to this app by an Israeli soldier when we were in Panama last year.  WhatsApp uses the internet to make calls, texts etc anywhere in the world.  No more paying for international calling on my cell phone.

I used the Novara Randonee touring bike for this ride to make sure everything was working OK, not only for the NYC ride but also for my short summer bike tour.  The tour is narrowed to two possibilities.  Leaving from home and riding Cape Cod and the Islands or traveling to West Virginia to ride the North Bend Trail.  The Cape is solo and West Virginia is a fully supported tour.  Decisions, decisions.

Mattapoiset Rd. fish bridge

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