Beating the Rain

Day 26 of 30 Days of Biking

The local weather gave a 40 % chance of rain for an hour followed by 10% for another hour. That gave me time to get in 26 miles for day 26 of 30 days of riding. It was one of those days where I got into the zone.  For instance, Vaughn Hill is a nemesis of mine. I begin to dread the climb a half mile away.  Today, I came out of the zone and realized I was a mile beyond Vaughn Hill.  I climbed it and didn’t even notice. I did other hills at double digit miles where before today my speed would drop to 6 -8 MPH.  I was having a blast.

I was really excited to see my stats for this ride because I know it was the fastest by far, of the season.  Naturally, when I got home I shut down my Garmin and didn’t save the ride.  I do have a wired bike computer attached but that only told me the time and distance with none of the fun stuff that Strava tells me when the information migrates from connect.garmin.  Oh well. It would have been nice but within a couple more rides, this one would be out of sight and mind.

The last ride of this event will be in New York on Saturday.  I’ll probably do a short ride in Staten Island before we take the ferry to Manhattan for registration.  Sunday will be a celebration of completing 30 days of biking with 32,000 friends as we ride the 5 Boroughs and 5 Bridges of NYC.

The all turned and walked away when I approached
I had the roads all to myself

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