Day 28 of 30 Days Of Biking

Good friends, bad coffee

It was a light day of riding, 10 miles of back and forth around town from home. Coffee, bank, Subway.  Tomorrow I’ll take the touring bike for a long ride to make sure everything is OK for Sunday’s NYC ride.   We will be driving to Staten Island on Saturday, and check into our hotel before catching the ferry to Manhattan for registration and a day of sightseeing.

Our team has a 7:30 AM start which is the best we could ask for.  That will allow us, if we want to finish by noon.  That’s including a couple of rest area stops.  The weather will be near perfect, partly cloudy and 67 F.  This is going to be so cool and my 8th time riding this event. Yup, it’s that good and unique to say the least.

Register for the 2016 TD Five Boro Bike Tour! from Bike New York on Vimeo.

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