So Close

Seeking Shelter

I have signed up for the National Bike Challenge, (in partnership with Cottonelle). When I pledged to do 30 days of biking, it rained, snowed, was cold, windy and raw for the first week.  It hasn’t snowed during the first week of this challenge, but it has rained every day. Being part of a challenge does get me out to ride when normally, days like today, would be go to a movie or watch TV.  Smart phones make it possible to keep and eye on the approaching rains in real time so I can either take shelter for a while, or beat feet it home. That system works pretty pretty good, but there are times when things don’t.  For instance…

Sunday I was 10 miles from the finish of a ride in New York when the sky opened up, the wind began to howl and we had to pedal up some pretty long inclines out in the open along the Hudson River. The next three days I managed to get in some decent miles between the storms. Today I was on a roll and was ending my ride when wifey called and said “Euro” had 1/2 off all shoes.  She also wanted me to meet her at the market to shop but mostly to load the heavy stuff into the car.  Everything was going well till I got near the market.  You can guess what the sky did.  (did you say open up?  Good for you).

Euro in Fairhaven

We did our shopping, I loaded the car and the rain was light.  I sent her on her way and said I’ll be right behind you. I only had a mile ride.  HA!  When I walked into the house she screamed when she saw my condition.  You know what the sky did? And the wind?  YUP. Except for the part at the end, where I got soaked, the riding wasn’t bad at all.

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