Riding All Day

Scott bike on dirt path

I left the house at 8 AM in order to try Subway’s May special. Buy any 6″ sub and get a breakfast sandwich free. The one word that comes to mind is “Don’t”.  When the young girl put the egg part of the sandwich on the counter it look like the fake vomit we used to see as a kid.  The bacon didn’t look any better.  The bread was good though.  One more thought about Subway.  I keep track of my food on myfitnesspal. Occasionally my daily salt consumption would be off the charts. When I looked at my subway entries and found that was the cause, I decided that I will not eat there very often any more.  I have some money left on my app to use up, and that will be it.  Too bad because I kind of like the place.

Besides 25 miles of riding today I got to cut the lawn that, with all the rain lately, was turning into frog grass.  (Kneedeep).  Tried in vain to get my Honda power washer started. It’s less than a year old and I think it’s dead.  DSCN0297A buddy came over to help me move a 300+ lb mahogany entertainment center into my garage.  I think he is dead also. It’s on Craigslist and is offered for free, but there are no takers.  It will go out for the trash pickup on Wednesday. (If I can get a hand moving it).

I ended the day getting the road bike ready for some serious riding.  Cleaned, lubed and summer tires installed. All I need is a few hours of sunshine which has not happened in the month of May yet. Maybe Monday. Maybe not.



Felt ready to rumble
The Felt.  Ready to rumble
No moon tide
New moon high tide
Scott bike an big tree
This struck me as a possible good photo.

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