Riding in the City with Charlie

Dove Family

I’m riding and awful lot this year not only because I like to ride but I’m also in a competition representing my town in a national bike challenge. Traditionally we do very well and this, our third year looks to be the best year for miles ridden.

Being in a competition is my motivation to put in those extra 5-10 or 15 miles extra on most rides. I’m using two bikes most days, a  Scott commuter bike for doing stuff around town, and a Felt road bike for those hammer rides. There are times like today when the bikes cross paths.  Today for instance, I rode my Scott SUB 40 (Speedy Urban Bike), into the city for lunch.  I stumble across another rider, Charlie and we decide to head north. When he turned back to go home, I kept going and eventually found my way to the back country roads for the ride home.  A 10 mile ride, turned into a 23 mile easy spin.  I have to say that this retirement living is working out pretty good.

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