Sunday Club Ride in Southeastern Massachusetts

Three of us drove to Swansea, MA to join the Narragansett Bay Wheelmen’s Swansea Bikeworks Ride.  The choices were 13-25 and 50 mile options on this very hilly course. Nicholas, our 16 year old new rider is getting very fast and strong.  I sent him to ride 50 mile with the Cat 1 and 2 riders to test his speed and endurance. Just join the paceline I instructed.  He was worried about getting dropped and lost.  “There will be another slower group of Cat 3 and 4 riders you can hook up with not far behind.  If all else fails, pay attention to the orange arrows on the road. They will guide you”.

Jason and I chose the 25 mile option.  I slowed a couple of times to shoot video footage and Jason stayed with the pack. When I got to the hospitality area at the end of the ride, Jay was no where to be found.  Jay is also new to club riding and didn’t realize he was in a mixed pack.  When the 25 mile riders turned away from the pack, Jay stayed with the 50 mile group.  He reasoning was that the 25 mile group seemed to have better kits and he thought those were the better riders. I had to backtrack on the route to find him and SAG him.  Nic finished the 50 miles in a little over three hours.  His dad met him at the finish and we all drove to the Bikeworks shop to get some upgraded equipment for Nic.  He got some clip-less racing pedals and shoes that will improve his riding considerably.  He was riding on flat pedals with sneakers until now.  No more of that.

Untitled from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

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