Cape Cod Canal and The Bourne Bridge

I had to postpone my tour of Cape Cod because there was too much going on during the planned week. Tennis is the main reason. 

I put the word out for a 50 mile bike ride today to the Cape Cod Canal. I got some response but only one other rider showed up. Nic and I off and on hammered to the town of Wareham, MA, stopped for a snack and did a quick ride to Buzzards Bay.  On the way I told Nic I had something pretty spectacular for him when we got there.  It was, and he agreed.

Nic walking over the Cape Cod Canal on the Bourne Bridge
The Cape Cod canal viewed from the apex of the Bourne Bridge. 

After crossing the bridge we stumbled, as bike riders often do, upon the Aptucxet Trading Post Museum.


Aptucxet Trading Post may have the earliest remains of a Pilgrim building. The known facts present a fascinating story, not only of an antique building but also of Bourne’s participation in 17th-century events.

We rode through the village of Onset MA and crossed the bridge over Buttermilk bay as we approached the Mass Maritime Academy and the Cape Cod Canal railroad bridge. We also ran into a touring group participating in Adventure Cycling’s National Bike Travel Weekend.

For lunch, Nic recommended Marc Anthony’s Pizza in Onset, MA. that claims to be the best pizza anywhere.   It was good, but keep in mind I was in Brooklyn a few short weeks ago.

Mark Anthony Pizza

2 thoughts on “Cape Cod Canal and The Bourne Bridge

  1. Nice pics. Gray Gables sign brought back memories My aunt and uncle lived there and we always went to monument beach when we visited. Seems like yesterday but it was a gazillion years ago


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