Fully Adjusted to Retirement.

.  My last day at work was June 6 2010. It didn’t take long to get into the retirement mode and it gets better every year. I get all the chores done around the house in between bike rides it seems.  Cut the front yard, go for a bike ride.  Cut the back yard, go for another ride. Walk the dogs. Ride. Clean out the garage. Ride.  

I’m getting into a routine of doing a morning ride into the city for a late breakfast or lunch. I don’t have my first food till noon time daily after fasting from 8 PM the night before. One of my blog followers, or a blog I follow talked about daily fasting and it is a pretty easy way to loose weight.Fast for 16 hours a day.  I go from 8 PM to noon but it can be any 16 hours.  If you like breakfast at 7 AM, don’t eat after 3 PM.  You get the point.  Just don’t eat junk food when you break the fast.

One of my favorites.  It’s a Portuguese bakery and today I got a linguica (a spicy kielbasa) and egg sandwich on a Portuguese roll and a cream filled horn. Junk food to break my fast. 

The morning rides are pretty mellow with lots of stop and go for pictures, chatting with people, reading the paper over coffee, or just stopping somewhere and sit for a while. The evening rides are something different.  It’s an all out hammerfest with the goal of increasing endurance and speed. Over the last three months my average speed has increased from 11 MPH to over 15 MPH over my 25 mile training  course.

When we are out of shape we tend to downplay riding fast on our bikes.  As we improve our conditioning, speed and endurance become more important.  Last year when I was having problems riding because of a low iron count, I often wrote about how I no longer had any desire to ride fast.  Probably because I couldn’t. Now that I can, I want to get better at riding.  I do like the casual rides much better than the fast ones, but I really feel that the work I put into getting fitter and faster make the casual rides more enjoyable.

Every day begins though with a long walk with the dogs.  The cat just sleeps. He is deaf and has gained a lot of weight over the years

Lucy facing off with a snapping turtle
Lucy going for a swim
Lunch during a casual ride. 
Owen and Lucy
I know, he is spoiled.

5 thoughts on “Fully Adjusted to Retirement.

  1. Ditto – except for the excessive riding bit! 🙂 I like filling each day to the full with stuff I can choose to do, but committing to as few things as possible I have to do. I aim to end each day physically tired, but mentally relaxed.. I used to think retirement was all about swopping money for time, but I am learning it’s much more complicated than that. Congratulations on upping your miles and averages. Good going!


  2. I fast every Tues. I go 24hrs, I eat breakfast, then do not eat again until breakfast on Wednesday.
    I occasionally fast on Thursday also making it 2 days per week.


  3. Re: fasting, well, I’ve yet to conquer the eating thing, so…

    As to the riding fast part, I can’t seem to settle on the philosophical status of riding fast. I like to. I don’t like to. I want to. I don’t want to. When I try, especially solo, I find it takes away from the sensorial pleasure of the ride. It’s like being in a gym watching your heart rate on a hamster wheel. But then again, feeling the fitness improve is also satisfying. While mtbiking the ability to go fast provides even more tactile and immediate feedback. Whoosh, clear the obstacle, carve the corner, FASTER!

    I love breakfast.


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