Century Ride


Well, metric century but I’m really not that into adjectives. As we agreed on the ride, will will say century with a French accent. (They are on the metric system, no quarter pounders). 

Three of us showed for today ride from Fairhaven to Taunton, MA.  The sun was shining, the wind was offshore, nowhere near us,  and the temperature leveled off at a comfortable 76 F. The original route only gave us 52 miles.  I made a route change that added 10 more miles so we could do a metric century. A couple of wrong turns added an additional 8+ miles, giving us a tad over 70 for the day.

We stopped in my favorite bike shop, Travis Cycle in Taunton to peruse their stock.  Joe, the owner was busy so we moved on to finish the last 32 miles home.

Metric Century 007
Like a kid in a candy store



A few short miles from the bike shop, a Santa looking guy in an oversized pickup, took it upon himself to let Nick know that he should be riding single file. Nick informed the driver, in no uncertain terms that in Massachusetts, two abreast is the law. The guy though about stopping and confronting Nick but thought better of it realizing there were three of us. It all worked out. Earlier in the ride another self proclaimed road ediquette cop yelled for us to get out of the middle of the effin road.  Nick also handled him for us by telling him what to go do to himself.  I’m thinking of telling Nick to take a self defense course. It will come in handy someday soon.

Around 10 miles into the return leg, (when I noticed my Garmin was not on), Nick and Geoff dropped me.  I tried to catch up, and would have if a car hadn’t backed out of a driveway forcing me to stop.  When I looked up they were just a dot on the horizon, about a quarter mile past our turn.  One thing to remember on a bike ride.  Don’t drop the only guy who knows the route home.  In stead of having them back track and climb a decent hill they just enjoyed riding down, I gave them directions to a meeting spot.  A donuts shop no less.  It all worked out.

I mentioned to our 16 year old rider that I was tuckered out after 70 miles.  He said he could do the route again right now.  The little bastard. If I was 5 years younger……….

Metric Century 011
Nick was ready to do another 70 right now.  He is doing a solo century on Friday and will probably do it in half the time it took to do 70 miles with me.  If I were 5 years younger though……..


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