Wednesday Night Ramble Cancelled

Rides this week.

Thursday.  10 Speed Spoke Longest Day of the Year Ride

June 23rd, 2016 is the date of this year’s Longest Day Ride.  Roll out with police escort around Ocean Drive is at 6pm.  Please arrive at the shop no later then 5:30pm to allow time for check-in.

Ten Speed Spoke’s Longest Day Ride is our yearly event held to celebrate the start of summer and all things cycling.  It features 4 different length arrowed courses.  Everything is free!  Shirts and helmets are required.

All skill levels and ages of cyclists are invited.  

Saturday 06/25/16 – NBW Cafe Ride (weather permitting)

  • East Bay Bike Path – from Fort Hill to Bristol Bagel and back (27 miles)

  • Leaves Fort Hill Parking Lot at 9:00 AM

  • Contact John Nery for more details



About this Sunday’s Ride

NBW #088 Scramble Metric
Click here to print

Why this ride is special

  • The Scramble Metric is an old NBW favorite; it’s scenic, fairly flat, and mostly shady. The route travels north through the woods and farms of Norton, Wrentham and Norfolk returning through Franklin & Sheldonville. The short loops of this ride are good rides for beginners.
  • Ray Foulkes revised the longer loops of this ride this year to avoid traffic, and go by his house. After all, all arrowers want a ride to go by their home…
  • The reservoir and farm scenery in Sheldonville and Attleboro

Towns & Villages we travel through

Seekonk – Rehoboth – Norton – Mansfield – Wrentham – Franklin – Sheldonville – Cumberland – North Attleboro – Adamsdale – Plainville – Attleboro – Rumford

Some of the landmarks we pass by or nearby too

  • Wheaton College
  • Norton Reservoir
  • Mansfield Municipal Airport
  • Mansfield Bike Path
  • The Foulkes Home


  • 10 AM Regular Start
  • Seekonk High School
  • The GPS address is 261 Arcade Av, Seekonk, MA

GPS Files – RideWithGps format (free to use)

Sunday Double Century 

A NBW Very Special Event
This has not been run in over 10 years
Starting from Seekonk High School
200+ miles of riding
Advance registration required

The Details

  • Starting from Seekonk High School at 4 AM
  • Lights and reflective gear required for safety purposes when riding in the dark
    • Sunrise is at 5:12
    • Sunset is at 8:24
  • Three Loops
    • 1st Loop – Red – Heads south on EBBP to Bristol and returns to Seekonk High School where clothing, lights, reflective gear can be dropped off
    • 2nd Loop – Green – Heads east on NBW 122 Plymouth Century Route and returns to Seekonk High School
    • 3rd loop – Blue – Heads north to Wrentham on NBW 088 Scramble Metric Route and returns to Seekonk High School
  • Advance registration is required (send me an email at with your name, cell phone number and estimated riding speed) is necessary so we can coordinate riders, sag and support (fyi – this is a NBW members only ride)
  • The rides are arrowed, and should you desire to limit your mileage there will be many options on both the Green & Blue loops to follow arrowed short cuts home

If you have finished a century this year and felt strong, then a double century is within reason. All it takes is a positive attitude, ratcheting your speed down a notch, and riding with your friends.

As of Wednesday Morning we 8 committed and 1 maybe riders:

  1. Rich Rivet
  2. John Spooner
  3. Larry Carpenter
  4. Alfredo Sosa
  5. Ramiro Vergnaud
  6. Jocelyn Keith
  7. Mike Saunders
  8. John Macieko
  9. Jim Coggeshall
  10. ______________ (insert your name here)


GPS Files – RideWithGps format (free to use)

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