Rainy Night Ride

The day after tennis can be painful.  My legs are toast for most of the day and today was no exception. To compound things, I ran a two hour practice session for the local high school team this morning. Around eight o’clock I had recovered  and got a couple of texts from friends riding.  It got me off the couch for a spin around town.

It was overcast, dead calm with muggy heavy air.  I brought the newspaper along for the coffee shop stop after riding a few miles.  A family came into the shop and the father looking at his phone mentioned that there was a tornado warning for this area.  Really?  We don’t get tornadoes. The closest I have ever heard is when the news says, “there was a possible tornado touchdown in such and such an area.”  The tornadoes I see on TV don’t have the word possible leading the story.  There is no doubt that one hit.

It was 9 PM and raining when I left the coffee shop for the  2 mile ride home.  Riding in a light rain on a sultry summer night is pretty  calming.  I lost myself during the ride till I came across a very dark area on the bike path where a firefly party was in full swing. I stopped and tried to video the light show but all I got was a black screen.

A humid night, riding in the rain with firefly showing me the way like torches lighting a runway in Burma in 1942, made me feel good.

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