Saturday 43 miles and Sunday 28 mile rides.

CLICK HERE for the planned rides this week.


There was only two for the Saturday ride that followed the Ice Cream ride route, and three of us on Sunday on the Blackmore Pond route.  Sunday however saw lots of riders in Rochester including a 20 member double paceline group.  The three of us were in and out of paceline sprints so the photos are pretty much non existent.  I did get a few yesterday and a couple of shots with people on horses.

It would really be nice to have a few more riders on our paceline rides so we can do longer segments.  Also, I could tell about the minor confrontations with cars, but as bikers we have all heard any story I can tell, many, many times.

It was only 28 miles on this morning ride, but we are planning on a second casual ride along the beaches this evening.

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