Not Quite A Century



10-DSCN1335The weather was kind of iffy for a bike ride. Cloudy, cool and it looked like a threat of rain. Trust the weathermen, they are professionals is my thought.. Weather Underground, my choice for the weather, predicted all of the above but the rain. The day topped off at a 19% chance of showers which was good enough for me.

Everyone is not as confident in the weatherman so only Nic, (again) showed for this 50 mile ride to Miles Standish State Forest in Carver, MA. We did an easy ride out, around 13 MPH average,  picked up a sandwich and ate lunch at Ferring Pond. It was 2:45 when wifey called and reminded me of our 5 PM appointment. With 19 miles left, I promised here we would be home in an hour. “Want me to pull” said Nick.  I concurred that that would be best and he took us the 19 miles in 61 minutes where we often exceeded 22 MPH.

Nick joined our bike group a couple of months ago and he is a fanatic.  He wants to race and speed is his drug.  Alone, his rides average just over 17 MPH and are increasing.  With me, our average is 14-15. Today we found the mojo being that if we want to ride fast, Nick pulls and I draft. We don’t alternate, and so far it’s been working out pretty good.

We wanted to do a metric century (62 miles or 100 K) but fell short by four miles.  A few years ago I would have found a way to get those four miles, log it and never look at it again. Today I got 58.6, logged it and will probably never look at the log again. We can honestly say we rode a metric century.  Almost.

The day ended with a ride to the city for the Friday night music series on pier 3.  A reggae band entertained the crowd, but like years past, the first Friday in the series turns into a reunion where we catch up with friends and no one really listens to the band.  From the little I heard, they were pretty good.


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