Fairhaven to Bourne Ma.


I felt like a bus driver today. This week is the family gathering.  #1 son from Colorado, and #2 son from Atlanta are around.  #2 son rented a house on Cape Cod and #1 son is staying with me.   It’s a 30 mile bike ride to Gray Gables in Bourne, Ma. on quiet back roads.  It’s also necessary to cross the Bourne Bridge spanning the Cape Cod Canal. It’s  very highly recommended that you walk your bike across because of the chance of high winds. No argument from me. The photo opportunities were too good to pass up on the bridge.

The ride took me through two really eclectic summer resort towns.  Onset and Buzzards bay. Beaches, old inns, nautical shops and two rotaries. (round abouts)  If you have never ridden your bike around busy rotaries, I can tell you that it’s quite and experience. The second was  a very busy place with vehicles jockeying for advantages.  Luckily the traffic was so heavy that it was at a near standstill.  With that I was easily able to weave my way to my turn off without any incidents.  The last time I rode this section, we had cars passing us at high speeds on both sides of us.  Some continued in their lane, others cut in front of us forcing a few hard braking incidences.  It was a free for all and when all was said and done, both of us on bikes kind of liked riding like that.

Tomorrow we will make a decision of riding on Martha’s Vineyard with a gang or just four of us riding to Elephant Rock Beach.  The rock is kind of unassuming at high tide but low tide one can easily see where the rock got it’s name.

It was a relatively quiet ride through the towns but the heat and humidity forced me to make quite a few stops for water. Needless to say, the supply I carried went quickly.  On the bright side, the frequent stops were also pretty good photo ops.





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