Double Sessions


The morning was riding around town getting things done.  After the post office run and before the market I took the time to visit the Pokeymon people who have invaded our Revolutionary War era Fort Phoenix.  Most in town are pining for the day when Pokeymon fever recedes.  They are there every day all day.  It’s like listening to the same song on the radio over and over again.  It may be a good song but eventually one tires of hearing it.  The town folk are tired of Pokemon players occupying the beach area.

Aug 6th bike 2

The beautiful summer evening screamed for a bike ride.  We left home around 5:30 for a 27 mile spin on one of our regular routes. Although we have done this ride often, we saw things that had obviously been in place for years.  Today we just happened to look over and spotted a couple of gems.

Aug 6th bike 5DSCN1634

We got back at dusk and withing 20 minutes the sky opened up with off and on heavy showers.  It’s all in the timing.


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