Day 4 Cape Cod Bike Tour.

Brewster to Fairhaven MA.

71 Miles  Total: 227
Riding time 5:30
Hot, hilly and a few wrong turns.

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Left the camp ground at 6:30 with a nearly dead phone and Garmin.  I tried to charge my phone at the Camp Store, left it charging for an hours and got 5%. It seemed odd. I tried again in the camp bathroom building again with no luck. When I left the camp ground, I looked up the directions with my 5% and wrote down the turns. Naturally I got lost, and never found the first turn.  I stopped a rider on the trail and he got me pointed in the right direction as far as the lake. 11-DSCN1852

I plugged my phone into the extra socket for the ice machine at the general store, hung around for an hour and still go next to no charge.  I decided to look up directions from here, got them and when I plugged in again for a little more charge I saw the warning.  “Using the wrong cord will cause extremely slow charge. Use the cord provided with your device.”  I was using my Nikon camera cord.

I rode the Cape Cod Rail Trail to the access point in Dennis.  On the way, I stopped at a bike shop and the owner gave me directions to RT 6A.   I wrote them down. When I got to the terminus of the bike trail, I again asked for directions from two guys just beginning their ride.  “You should have gotten of the trail a few miles back”  6A was only a short distance away”.  I knew I needed to cross the mid cape highway and that’s where I spotted the police station.  The officer at the desk put me on the right track and once I got to 6A there were no more turns.  Just miles.

Tunnel on the Cape Cod Rail Trail near Orleans.

I asked along the way about how far I needed to go to get to the Canal.  The woman at the market said around 10 miles.   I rode for a while, stopped at another store and got the same 10 more mile answer.  Finally, after riding for a couple of hours, I got the correct answer when I stopped for a snack and soda.  10 miles.

Yesterday I told a riding buddy that when I got to the canal, I would most likely camp out for the night.  He said your only 25 miles from home when you get to the canal.  Once I did get there, I got a surge of energy and decide to finish the ride.

On the first day, we crossed over the canal using the Bourne Bridge and rode along the canal on the Cape side to Sagamore.  Today I crossed the Sagamore bridge and rode the mainland side to Bourne.  As I was climbing the bridge a youngster crested approaching me with a skateboard.  When we crossed paths we spoke about being on the bridge. I told him my story and his was that his family was camping along the canal in Bourne and he was bored. He skated the mainland path to Sagamore, and was going to skate back to Bourne on the Cape side and walk over the Bourne Bridge..  It was a great day for biking as well as skateboarding.

Skateboarding the Sagamore Bridge

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2016 CAPE COD BIKE TOUR from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

DAY THREE.  Truro to Brewster MA.

4 thoughts on “Day 4 Cape Cod Bike Tour.

  1. That bridge looks just like the Auckland Harbour Bridge where I grew up. A web search shows that it was a popular design back on the day although the Bourne bridge pre dates the Auckland bridge by about 20 years


    1. Crossing the bridge can be crazy at time. Some of those big trucks shake the span as they approach and if they have enough speed when they pass, the draft tries to pull you into the road. That’s why everyone walks across.


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