There Is No One To Play With


Looking for and eagle. 

Everyone is back to school or working on weekdays.  It’s just me and my camera riding here and there.No one around for biking or tennis during the day.   

The tennis is getting hectic though. Everyone is in play off form and the quality of the matches is really good. The intensity is making everyone play up a notch or two.  In doubles, I like to poach.  I have the ball marks imprinted on a few spots on my arms and chest. We call them Purple Hearts, mostly because of the color of the bruises. Way back, I could get the racquet in position to protect myself or punch a winner.  Now I’m just a leeeeetle bit slow.  Ergo the wounds.

I did get some biking miles over the last two days, just nice easy cruising around town. Saw a few things and met a few people.  This morning, I came across a guy looking over the water works reservoir. He had a decent camera but was just standing looking out over open water.   A juvenile eagle was his quest.  He told me that there were quite a few eagle sightings this year and the one that frequented this spot was hatched this spring.


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