Way Back When


Way back in the day when I was working, I would dream about riding my bike to the office.  The problem was that the office was 40 miles from home.  I wished I worked closer so I could ride.  I became jealous reading about bike commuters.  One day I read about a guy who would drive to within a few miles of work and bike the rest of the way. Duhhh.  How many times have we overlooked the obvious until we hear someone say it out loud.  I spent a few days driving around, mapping different routes and places to leave my car.

When it was time for the first commute, I parked at a high school six miles from the office. I also spent a sleepless night worrying about my first bike commute.  I did that for a couple of days and was thinking about parking ten miles away.  Still I kept thinking of all the things that could go wrong.  Again, captain obvious slapped me across the back of the head when on the internet at work, a writer who was experiencing the same qualms said, “why was I worrying myself crazy? It’s just a bike ride”.  Duhhhh  From then on, my commute, no matter the distance or routes I chose, was just a bike ride.


When the gas prices got very high, I started taking the bus to the commuter lot, 11 miles from my office. One entry is HERE, when I was The Fairhaven Roadie online.  That blog name only lasted a year when I realized I wasn’t a roadie, I was a commuter and needed a new name for my blog. I am a member of the New England Revolution supporters group,  The Midnight Riders.   I am not “the midnight rider.” I am “a midnight rider.”  One of many.

I had to leave home by 5:10 am every morning to ride the four miles to the terminal and catch the 5:30 bus to Taunton, Ma.  The bus to take me back home wouldn’t get to the mall till after 6 PM getting me home around 7 PM.  Needless to say, it was a very long day away from home.

I have written extensively about the bike path I use every day but never that early in the morning.  My fist time I was amazed at how loud nature can be when all the birds and animals begin their day.  It’s crazy loud and the traffic in the sky and along the ground was nuts.  It’s just another one of those wonderful things we miss when we spend our lives in our cars.

Last night on my ride home the birds reminded me of those days way back when.


4 thoughts on “Way Back When

  1. Enjoy your posts! This is a good one – do this (drive partway then pedal) for my commute to Woods Hole Oceanographic some days.


    1. I’m in Wood’s Hole very often. I ride the Shining Sea Path and I also take the ferry to the Vineyard occasionally for a day ride. When in Wood’s Hole I usually have lunch at the Oceanographic dining hall.


  2. Your picture of the birds, made me think of last night I was looking out the window and seen something I have never witness in my life.
    There where a flock of geese flying, there was quite a distance between the flock and the last one, I saw the geese changing formation and filling in the gap so the last one was at the same level as all the others.
    It was a marvellous sight, so happy I witness it, thought I would share it with you.


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