Coffee Challenge #5 Providence, R.I.


Along with the Coffeeneuring Challenge I have been participating in a Halloween Mileage Challenge at The coffee challenge was to ride at least two miles to have coffee. Click the link above for all the rules.  This is more fun than I anticipated and I get quite a few suggestions from friends to visit their favorite coffee shops.  I made a list and plan to hit them all.  Also, part of the challenge is to come up with a theme.  Last year, I wore a different bike cap to each coffee shop.  This year, I decided to make of video of each ride.

The bikejournal challenge was to ride 310 miles during the month of October to win a tootsie roll.  If your rode 620, you get two tootsie rolls.  Virtual candy naturally.  For those of us who ride, 310 miles in a month is pretty easy.

Today, two of us did a 38 mile bike ride from the terminus of the East Bay Bike Path in East Providence, to the Blackstone River Bike Path and ride that path to Woonsocket, R.I. We followed, sometimes not, the Blackstone Bikeway through Providence, Pawtucket, Central Falls and Cumberland to get to the bike path.  We did need the help of the Pawtucket Fire Department and a friendly rider we met in Central Falls, to get us through some of the many turns and finally to the start of the Blackstone River Bike Path.

2016 Coffee Challenge #5 Providence R.I. from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

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