Coffee Challenge #7. Tiverton RI


A recall notice for my car had me drive to Fall River, Ma for the minor repair.  Naturally I decided to take the bike along and try to do the final coffee challenge ride.  This one has been difficult.  I saved this last challenge for a road trip to Columbus Ohio, tried three different places,  and none are worth mentioning. A couple more local failures led to this ride.  It worked out pretty good.

En route today, I called a bike friend in Fall River and he gave me a hilly 15 mile loop to ride during the two hour repair.  A cappuccino and sandwich at the Moose Cafe in Tiverton, RI was a good way to finish the challenge.   If I had waited a bit and kept riding, I could have done #7 at the Goose Cafe.  But the Moose Cafe got the honor.

2016 Coffee Challenge #7 Tiverton RI from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

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