Bike Journal Weight Loss Challenge.

It seems that when I try to lose weight I end up gaining. This time will be different.  They call me el Blimpo now but just wait. I’ll be Senior Svelte.

During this time of year I deliver the Salvation Army bell ringers to their stores. I bike commute the four miles to the office before loading the van with my peeps. After work I usually run errands on the bike or just go for a ride. Today was running errands but all were on the route home so I didn’t get any additional miles. I did however get a video. But you all knew I would.

2016 Bike Journal Weight Loss Challenge Day 1 from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

One thought on “Bike Journal Weight Loss Challenge.

  1. Okay, you got me in 🙂 Now to get riding more… I didn’t even get thebike out of the rental car over the holidays. Bad logic: I could have cruised a little on the road trip. No, a said to myself, I have This Project! I need to Get Home!
    Well, of course I was a fried pumpkin when I got home. So, I didn’t get anythign done anyway. Riding would have, if anything, made it more likely for me to be able to think after 700 miles on the road…


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