Commuting, Weight Challenge and Bathroom Scales.

After reading a post at bikejournal, where I’m participating in a weight loss/ bike challenge, about the quirks of digital scales, I decide to buy an analog one. On the digital, my weight would fluctuate a couple of pounds when I did multiple consecutive tries. Sometimes it would take 8 or 10 timeouts of the thing to even show my weight. I put the analog scale on the floor next to the digital, stepped on the digital then the analog. The analog showed a 6 pound difference. Not a good six pounds. I decided to suck up the quirks of the digital scale and hid the analog in a dresser.

I took some video of parts of my commute and also took a couple of side tracks on the way home. There was a stand off between a hawk and a crow, an abandoned green house, and an ending shot looking across the salt marsh toward the wind turbines. I’m really enjoying this challenge and the rides even though my goal weight is at least a decade away at this rate.

2016 Bike Journal Challenge Day 15 from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

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