The Best One Day Bike Ride I Have Ever Done.

And I did it eight times.

There is no better way to see NYC than biking 12 MPH on car free roads, streets and highways of the five boroughs of NYC.  The riders begin in staggered groups to avoid all the congestion of the past caused by 32,000 riders.

Because team “” is a regular at the event, we get an early start time.   That’s important because is allows us to avoid the family and novice riders who tend to walk over bridges and up hills.  By joining “” you can finish the ride around noon-ish if you so desire.  There is no obligation to ride with the team, it’s just a way to get a good start time.  Last year there were twelve of us and I only met and rode with one other team member.

Registration opens on January 10th and it fills up fast.  When the time comes, just register and when prompted, join “” team.  It will be the best $95 dollars you have spent on a bike ride.  Trust me. It’s a very cool ride.

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