There Is A Better Way

I needed to make a run to the market for some stuff.  Walking to my car in the driveway, I looked up at the moon and Jupiter staring at me through a clear dark sky.  It was 29 F, no wind and actually quite comfortable.  I opened the car door, hit the garage opener and walked back to get one of my bikes.

Pick me. Pick me.

The 2 mile ride to the market was relaxing and comfortable.  On the return, riding the multi use path through the saltmarshes, a fox, a fisher cat and another small animal crossed my path.  They were ahhhhh moments making me glad I rode the bike and didn’t drive.

Light snow is predicted for the morning commute to the fitness center.  After tonight’s ride, I’m looking forward riding my bike.  It’s just a better way to get there.

2 thoughts on “There Is A Better Way

  1. Good on ya! There’s nothing quite like that moment of knowing that you made the correct decision of bike v car for a commute


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