There’s a Storm a’comin.

Tomorrow’s forecast is 8-14″ of fluffy snow. It was 50 degrees at noon today, the sun was shining and the wind was offshore. I called Larry, a new and very novice bike rider to invite him to accompany me.  He declined, so I set out for a solo ride with no destination. I rode just about a mile when my phone rang and it was Larry.  “John, he said, it’s too nice not to ride. How about we go to West Island.

Atlantic Coast WWII lookout station.
Atlantic coast WWII lookout station.

Larry is going to take care of our cat for a month when wifey and I holiday.  He used to have cats and built quite a playground that is protected from predators like coyote and fox, with chicken wire. The cat can also go to the roof of the shed and watch the birds enjoy themselves eating themselves fat on Larry’s back yard bird feeding station.  My cat, Midnight has no interest in chasing birds as you will see when you scroll down to his photo.


Our little guy Midnight is going to love it.

Cat nap

We rode a few miles to the causeway and crossed over to West Island wearing only light jackets with really no need for gloves.  An 18 mile spin hit the spot and now we are ready for the blizzard.

Larry crossing the causeway
Tiny house built above the flood line
Tiny house on stilts to protect if from the tidal storm surge.

2 thoughts on “There’s a Storm a’comin.

  1. I MUST get to that area to ride. That’s totally different landscape and architecture than anything I’ll ever see in Iowa. We had near 50 degrees on Monday and 3″ of snow last night with a high today of 16. Got some nice riding in too.


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