On The Road


It took us four days to travel to Atlanta in our RV.  We spent 2 nights in Cracker Barrel lots and one in a Walmart.  Planet fitness also came through big time for us allowing us not only to work out, but also get a hot shower.  One major perk of Planet Fitness is the ability to get a massage.  Driving so many hours every day makes the daily chair or water bed message that much more.

I was going to ride my bike to do some errands yesterday but it were problems.  I tried to jury rig the thing but only made it worse.  Luckily I found Atlanta Pro Bikes who made everything better in a day.  I called another bike shop first and there was a two week wait.  When I told Atlanta Pro Bike that I was only in town for a couple more days, they took care of me right away.  I used to tour a lot and know that local bike shops often do this for transients, and it’s very much appreciated.

We haven’t done a lot yet and don’t have many interesting photos.  We will be in Florida in a few days and will spend a lot more time sightseeing and riding places on our bike. For now, here is a taste of our trip.

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