RV Craziness

It took a month to get an appointment to bring my new RV into the shop for some warranty work.  It’s something a couple of RV friends offered to correct, but hey, it’s under warranty.  Might as well use it.

I brought along my bike an intended to go for a long ride while waiting for the work to be done.   After checking in I thought I heard the guy say, “give us a call in a couple of weeks to check on the progress.”  I told him that I was leaving for a trip on Sunday and I would have to make other arrangements.  He said “come in Saturday, it may be done.”  We’ll see.

I did get to do a long ride.  It was 30 miles home on a route that I rode often when I commuted to work.  Occasionally on a Friday, I would drive to work, ride the 30 miles home, and on Saturday, ride back to the office to retrieve my car.  It’s a pretty swell route as you will see on the video.  Very low traffic country roads, and a pretty old cemetery.

Berkley To Fairhaven from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

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