Biking, Football and RV

Goblin Valley Box Canyon Camping
There was no room at the campground. We found this spot in a box canyon off the main road at Goblin Valley State Park in Utah.

The last time I brought my RV in for service it took two months to get things “not quite” fixed.  I had to retrieve it so Sue and I could embark on our two month sojourn, with a couple of minor issues remaining to be addressed.  (Scroll down on to see the videos and stories of our adventure.)  This time however it took a mere three days for Camping World to get everything done.  The list had 7 items to take car of , but they knocked them all off and everything is ready for the next adventure.

It’s also football season and the MLS playoff, EPL and Champions League are in full swing. Speaking of football, I became a fan of Atlanta United the other day when they played the Crew, who it is rumored, may be moving to Austin.  I have been to a few games in Columbus but have no other reason to go there.  I have a son in Atlanta and also in Austin and having a football team in both place would please me to no end.

Finally when I was on tour, passing through Boulder Colorado, I meandered into a bike shop while Sue was shopping.  Full Cycle bikes.  It has a coffee bar at the entrance which added to the enticement.  I don’t pass by many bike shops without stopping in for a look see.  Last year I stopped into Camping World on my way home from couch shopping and bought an RV.  So you can guess what happened in Boulders Full Cycle Shop.  Yup a new bike,  an e-bike no less.  A very heavy e-bike.


My neighbor Jason joined me on the 25 mile bike ride to pick up the RV.  Below is the evidence that is normally required when telling a story on a blog.

Sheep grazing in Freetown, MA
We found this very old cemetery in Freetown, MA that had headstones of people born in the mid 18th century. 1730 was the oldest we could make out on the very deteriorated headstones.
Berkley Ma. INC. 1735
My favorite spot on the Phoenix Bike Path in Fairhaven, MA

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