Coffee Challenge #3

coffeeneuring 3.01
27 F at the start of the ride

I’m participating in a coffee challenge that’s for some magical reason gets me on my bike on a Saturday morning in 25 degree temperature.  I needed to go to the market for a couple of items and decided to ride a mile further to a local coffee shop.

The Nook is a small shop in the center of Fairhaven, MA and a place I thought would not last. I like the place but, every time I have gone in the past, I have been the only customer.  Today, it was standing room only. Unless of course if one was a hearty bike rider. There were two tables in front of the shop and a bar attached to the side of the building.  The sun was shining, there was no wind, which all in all was not a bad day to sit outside with my coffee.  As we bikers know, it’s all in the wardrobe.

coffee 3.2


coffee 3.3
With the sun shining and no wind, sitting outside felt much warmer than 27 degrees


coffee 3.4


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